A building survey report is suitable for all types of residential and commercial property.  It offers a full picture of the building’s construction and condition. The report is tailored to the building and your requirements. It includes details of the construction, materials used and goes into some detail over the major and minor defects.  It is particularly useful if you require an estimate of the cost of repair.

The report is particularly useful if the building is old or of an unusual type or form of construction.  This type of survey is also helpful if you are planning major conversions or renovation to the building. 

The report gives advice on the extent of likely repairs necessary into the future.  It includes information on the following:

  • Structural defects that threaten the stability or safety of the building
  • Urgent repairs that require attention within six months
  • Guide line budget costs for serious defects and works
  • Foreseeable repairs or faults likely to occur into the future
  • Matters for your legal adviser
  • The estimated rebuilding cost for insurance purposes
  • In some circumstances, a market valuation.

Conditions of engagement for building survey reports

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