This type of report is suitable for any type of building but where you do not require the comprehensive style of report of a Building Survey. It can be used as an economic alternative to a full Building Survey when the building is not suitable for a HomeBuyer Report.  The report is often restricted to the main elements of construction, namely, the walls, roof and floors.  It can include specific areas which you particular require a report upon. These would have to be agreed prior to our inspection.

Where you are particularly concerned about one aspect of the property, say, structural movement, we can report particularly on that item.

The report is also suitable for the preparation of Schedules, say, where a record of the condition is needed for attachment to a Lease.

We can provide a range of specialist reports, including:

  • A report upon the condition of a property at the commencement of a full repairing Lease
  • A schedule of repairs to be carried out by the landlord or tenant during or at the end of a Lease
  • A report upon building defects
  • A report for dispute purposes following works carried out by a contractor
  • A report upon boundaries

Conditions of engagement for a Limited Survey Report

We offer specialist surveys tailor made to suit your requirements