Frequently Asked Questions

We specialise in employment-related issues and can advise on a wide range of contentious and non-contentious issues, including those relating to all forms of employment related litigation and contract negotiations.

We also have extensive expertise concerning redundancy. We can support you through each step of redundancy in order to achieve the best possible outcome for you. Being made redundant or to be put at risk of redundancy can be extremely stressful, particularly after many years of employment, and we offer an extremely sympathetic service. We are able to advise you on your employment rights, and consider whether the proper procedure is being followed in respect of your redundancy. It may be that your redundancy has arisen as a direct result of the business being transferred – such as a merger or outsourcing, and in that case special rules may apply which protect your employment. We will consider your individual circumstances so as to make sure you obtain the best redundancy package available.

1. My mortgage valuation report says the property is free of fault, why do I need an independent survey?

A mortgage valuation report is prepared for the lender only. It is not sufficiently detailed for you to rely upon.

2. What’s the difference between a building survey, structural survey, limited building survey and homebuyer report?

The Building Survey report (often referred to as a structural survey) is the most detailed and comprehensive. It gives you an estimated cost of remedial works and a detailed description of the faults and construction. A HomeBuyer report is an economic report for traditional buildings constructed after 1875. A Limited Survey report is specialised to the type of property, defect or purpose (for an easy to follow guide comparing the different reports, go to ‘Which Survey’).

3. My property is not suited to the homebuyer report but I don’t want to incur the cost of a full building survey, is there an alternative?

Yes, we can provide a Limited Survey Report, this is tailor made to your requirements and focuses on the main elements of the building, often the structural walls, roofs and floors.

4. I am happy with the overall condition of the property but there is one fault that I want advice upon, can you help?

Yes, we can tailor make a limited report to advise you upon a specific problem (e.g. a damp spot, crack, an extension without Building Regulation consent).

5. I plan to convert/extend the property when I buy it.  Can you advise upon the feasibility?

Yes, we can normally incorporate advice within a report. In the case of a homebuyers’ report, this is an extra service and we can incorporate the information in an accompanying letter.   There may be an additional charge for this service.  Please discuss it with us before we carry out our inspection (see also Question19).

6. The property I am buying is new, it has a builder’s warranty. Do I really need an independent survey?

Whilst your property would have been built to building regulation requirements and may incorporate a 10 Year warranty, these requirements do not cover the quality of construction, legal aspects, value or insurance cost.  A private survey tailored to your requirements can give you much more information and also peace of mind that your purchase is a sound investment.

7. There is an increasing emphasis on energy efficiency.  Can you advise me upon how I can improve upon the thermal insulation in the property?

Both the homebuyers’ report and the building survey will give you advice upon the insulation and energy efficiency of your new home. Where an Energy Performance Certificate has been produced we can advise upon this.

8. I am buying a period property. Will this require a special survey?

Either a Building Survey or a Limited Report would be suitable for this style of property.  Survey reports upon period property are specialist, we would be pleased to discuss your particular requirements.

9. I am particularly concerned that the services are safe and efficient. Do you provide this information?

We describe the services but we are not specialists. We do not run the services and cannot report upon their safety, efficiency or overall condition. Please contact us if you wish us to arrange for a particular specialist report.  This can wait until you have received our main report or we can arrange specialist tests now, to save time.

10. Do all firms of surveyors offer the same service?

No, some surveyors specialise in different branches of the profession.  You should choose a surveyor expert in the particular field you require and knowledgeable of the type of property and location.

11. Is it better to use a local surveyor?

Yes, a surveyor with an office in the Tendring area will be familiar with the particular problems associated with buildings in this area.

12. How do I instruct you to go ahead?

You could use the links in this website.  Just go to ‘Obtain A Quote’ alternatively you can contact us by email, telephone or post, go to ‘'Contact Us’. We are happy to discuss what service is best for you.

13. How are your fees calculated and how do I pay?

We have a scale of charge. We can quote our fees directly to you upon enquiry.  Payment can be by online bank transfer, cheque or cash.

14. Do you want me to pay the fee before you release the report?

Yes, in most cases the report will be sent to you after receiving payment.  You will be committed to paying for the service once you have signed and returned the Confirmation Form we send you.

15. Do you discuss the contents of the report with the estate agent, seller or any other party?

No, this is a private report confidential to you.  However, if we do find a hazard in the property which is potentially dangerous, we will warn the occupier of the risks.

16. Can others rely upon my report?

No, the report is personal to you.  However, where the report is of no further use to you, it may be possible to sell it on to another party.  Please contact us to discuss this.

17. Can you give me an initial verbal report?

Yes, we are happy to discuss our findings with you.  It is important, nonetheless, that you do not commit yourself to purchasing the property until you have read the full report.

18. I am particularly concerned that there may be faults to hidden areas, can you advise me?

It depends whether we can gain access to areas concealed. This is an aspect you need to discuss with the occupier before our visit.  For example, it may be possible to remove fitted carpets or form a hatch into a roof space in order to allow the access of a surveyor.

19. Are you able to provide advice upon repairs or alterations to the property?

Yes, we can provide feasibility studies. We have a list of suitable contractors. (See also Question 5).

20.Can you report upon commercial or unusual properties?

Yes, we can normally report upon all forms of property and provide valuation advice.

21. I need to know the value of my property, can you help me?

Yes, we can provide valuation reports for all types of purposes. We can give advice on rebuilding costs.

22. I want to extend the lease of my property, can you advise me upon a suitable premium to pay?

Yes, we can provide advice upon leasehold extensions and freehold enfranchisements of leasehold property. This is a specialist area, please contact us to discuss the matter further.

23. I want to serve notice as a landlord/tenant due to disrepair, can you help me?

Yes, we can prepare a Schedule of Dilapidations for service on the landlord/tenant. Negotiations can be undertaken on your behalf.

24. I intend to take a lease of a commercial property on full repairing terms, can you advise me of the liability?

Yes, we can prepare a Schedule detailing the faults and recording these in the lease if you so wish.